Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nothing ...

Its odd. When I tell people that I work from home, usually wearing track pants, t-shirts and slippers, they usually respond that they would never have the discipline to do what I do. That somehow, I'm driven and motivated in a way that is unique. Trust me, I'm not. I think most people, given the opportunity to perform tasks they like from home would easily be able to perform as well as I do. I think we are all motivated to achieve something. Most of us have either not seen home-based work as an option, or they don't work in a field that is conducive to it. I consider myself lucky. I truly enjoy reading scripts and producing audio.
Recently though, I have had to face a new challenge. Not working. For a person who's office is in his living room, being house-bound but not able to work is the embodiment of frustration. I liken it to going into the office each day, hanging around your desk, and watching the paperwork pile up. What makes it even more frustrating, is that since I work from home and I am my own boss, I have to constantly question what is and what isn't work. An audition is work, a project is work. However, if I update my demo, or send off a resume to a studio.. is that work?
The longer I sit, trying to stretch these work-free days into weeks, the easier it becomes to move the lines.
To those who say they couldn't do what I do, I implore.. can you teach me how to do nothing? I could really use lessons. Which leaves me with one final question: is blogging work?

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